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I started training with Rolin 4 years ago when I was postpartum struggling to find my active self again. I was struggling to work with my changed body which left me in a defeated head space and I couldn’t be more grateful to have been connected with Rolin during that time. I have been training on and off over the last 4 years but my best growth, both mentally and physically has been over the last 3 months when I have been consistent with training.
If you are ever struggling to figure out where to start (or re-start) in your fitness journey or work back up to a performance level athlete, he is the one to connect with. He is the most humble trainer I have ever met who is constantly learning, but also has the ability to condition your mindset while you train your body. I walk out of each session feeling good about the small wins and before I knew it I am doing pull-ups, when I could not even dead hang for 10sec less than 3 months ago.
I appreciate his wealth of knowledge and input immensely as he has this incredible ability to view your entire body as a system and consolidate all the relevant information about you (injuries, weaknesses, types of movements your body does day to day, types of movements you want your body to be able to do) and spin out effective programming that actually gets you to your goal without being bogged down by injury based limitations. This skill alone is worth taking a chance with Rolin! The repository of dad jokes he has in his back pocket are just a bonus.

Mridu Dutton - P.Eng, CSEP

Rail Systems & Systems Assurance Engineer

Outdoor Workout


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