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About Coach Rolin

A.k.a The Dad Joke telling trainer that makes you laugh, sweat, and achieve your fitness goals.

Greetings my child! Below you shall find them gems you seek. Continue reading if you dare!

Coaching Experience:

Over 8 years and over 11,000 hours of in person and online training experience. This time only includes time working directly with clients. 

Coaching Style:

I tend to bounce between serious and silly depending on the clients needs for the day. Sometimes clients need more focus and other times you need stress relief. Its vital to be able to recognize what each client needs in any moment on any day as we don't operate at 100% all the time.

Training specialties

I have coached clients through weight loss, weight gain, building booties, running marathons and more however below you will find the 4 things I consistently train clients to succeed at the highest level.

1. Teaching principles of exercise for any goal.

2. Improving VO2 Max for a scientifically proven longer life span.

3. Building the strength to achieve literally any exercise you've never been able to do. 

4. Correcting clients weaknesses and mobility restrictions which often fixes pain and helps heal long standing injuries they are/were experiencing.


Over the years I have taken a plethora of courses, workshops & seminars read tons of literature, & watched hundreds if not thousands of hours of video on clients performing movement or other coaches teaching their clients. I believe in learning from any and everyone. There is no right or wrong approach to coaching and there are very few absolute rules in fitness. The key is learning how to apply to each client, knowing why you're doing so, when to adjust your thought process, how to progress or regress a strategy, and understanding who the client is because without knowing the mindset of the client your strategy may be perfect on paper but have a low chance of success because it doesn't fit their lifestyle or match up with where they are in their journey.

Below is a list of my 8 most referenced education tools to ensure client success.

1. American Council of exercise certified personal trainer & CPR certified (CPR renewed yearly)

2. N1 biomechanics practitioner

3. S.W.I.S Muscle test practitioner - by Ken Kinakin

4. Ganbaru Muscle mechanics

5. Posture pro: Foot Mechanics + Gait Cycle

6. Eleiko Level 1 Strength Coach

7. Darby Training systems level 1

8. Athletic truth group (ATG) level 1

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