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Many of you know my story but this is first time I have provided a photo of my destructive past where I was at one point TOO THIN and Sick. 

You see it all started when I was a kid yes an overweight kid my entire adolescent life . I remember diets after diets ( cabbage soup , Atkins , south beach , WW ) you name it I tried it ! I just remember always being the " big" girl growing up . 

That changed when I found Taebo !! Man I could workout at home ..PERFECT !! It all started pretty normal where I started losing weight but then quickly turned into an obsession . I remember drinking slim fast shakes each am , only eating no fat foods , fat free everything and maybe just maybe 1000 calories if I was lucky . It spun out of control. I then began to run and do taebo but began just an addiction along with not eating it consumed my life . I remember the day heading to Florida to visit my grandparents who I haven't seen in about 5 months and my grandma just crying when she saw me cause I was so " gaunt " looking . 

The consequences of being too thin for me were : always freezing and did you know that when your Bodyfat gets too low your body will start to grow hair to keep it warm ? YUP that happened to me . My eyes were sunk in , I lost my "cycle" for about 2 years over all of this and most of all I was miserable and hungry and grew a unhealthy relationship with food . 

Fast Forward to when I finally gave up and knew I had to learn the healthy way and hired a trainer who also showed me how to eat . I KNEW that day I needed to HELP people like she was helping me , heck I've been thru all this I can help shed some light to someone . 

The girl you see know ( on right ) is happy and Fit and no longer a slave to food . Sure the weight I gained from the middle pic ( about 20 lbs ) didn't mentally go over well but I knew it was for the best . Heck since then I've gone up / down / up / down .. Just makes me real right ?? To me it's a constant struggle each day but that's what makes me stronger !

So the point of this post is to embrace your journey whether bad or good . For me I look at it as a FIGHT I FOUGHT and has shaped who I am today


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