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Let me help you become accountable to your dreams, in becoming a better YOU!

Hi all! My name is Erin Goodman Furner , I am a certified personal trainer , level one certified  crossfit trainer, turbokick, piyo , hip hop hustle group fitness instructor. I found my love for fitness back at age 15; I was the overweight kid in elementary and junior high. I began exercising on my own doing taebo and turbo jam, I lost weight but then it got out of control I was now too skinny. Fast forward I hired and trainer and that's where it CLICKED! I needed to be healthy and strong and wanted to pay it forward and help people see the bigger picture for themselves.

For those of you, who have had the chance to work with Erin, or take a class...we all know and love the energy and enthusiasm she brings!! Erin has inspired and motivated so many when it comes to personal fitness and lifestyle goals!

If you Know me u know  I'm a living, walking, crazy dressing, turbo addict have i always been like this ..HECK NO I HAVE A JOURNEY !!


 Back at 14 i was 220 lbs ..yet finally putting it out there has to be told !! I then started Taebo /kickboxing and fell in love with it ! My workouts became a UGLY obsession and i went to the other end and ended up TOO SKINNY . In my eyes i looked good , but my family cried ..I WAS SICK .

135 lbs on my 5'10 frame was not attractive now that i think back . Began to finally eat and workout healthy and now stay at a comfortable 155 and PROUD OF IT ! Started turbo jam down road and have been a TURBO ADDICT ever since . I YOYO like all of you ..still struggle with body image and wanting to lose 5-10 always , BUT THAT MAKES ME REAL !! I want u to know i have been to both ends of spectrum and i can help you !! 
My passion is to help as many people as i can overcome their fears and to see there full potential . You owe it to yourself to be the happiest and healthiest you can be :)


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